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Modern Horizons II

With Modern Horizons 2, the product lineup was expanded beyond the Draft Booster to include a wider range of products.

One thing Wizards of the Coast learned from the original Modern Horizons was that, while Modern Horizons appealed to Modern players, it had a much wider reach too. Playing Limited is always an expectation of each set, and the popularity of Modern Horizons Limited gameplay meant that they wanted to extend Modern Horizons 2 to include a Prerelease experience as well as a well-crafted Limited format. The allure of powerful cards in Modern Horizons saw the Commander community embracing the original set as well. They kept the Modern players, the Commander players, and the Limited players in mind as the Modern Horizons 2 experience was being crafted.

For the Modern-focused player, the Modern Horizons 2 set was designed to add to Modern in a similar way to the first Modern Horizons set and  acknowledging that Modern Horizons 2 is entering a bigger card pool.

Each of these products was designed to match best with the different motivations of Magic players.